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We still cry night after night for the Egyptian Lover


We'll concede that the '80s maybe we not the biggest decade for Egyptian pop culture. In the '70s it was all about King Tut with The Treasures Of Tutankhamun Tour and Steve Martin's hit parody song. While the hallmark Egyptian song of the '80s is the Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian, there was yet another notable Egyptian - the artist known as Egyptian Lover and his groovy song I Cry (Night After Night).

In full disclosure, the Egyptian Lover is not from Egypt. From sunny Los Angeles, singer/DJ Greg Broussard claimed the moniker Egyptian Lover and in 1984 at the tender age of 21 he released his debut album On The Nile. With the help of radio airplay, On The Nile cracked the Billboard Top 200 chart and its lead single Egypt, Egypt made the Black Singles chart.

I Cry (Night After Night) did not chart but the song is a slow groove classic with tasty electronic guitar solos in the last half of the song. The video (which was not filmed in 1984) is pretty simple with the Egyptian Lover sweating, crying and talking on his cell phone that is so big it might date back to B.C.

Broussard still raps and records and has a very active Facebook page as The Egyptian Lover.

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35 years ago today, FM dials were still tuned to the '70s

Those who think the ‘70s ended on Dec. 31, 1979 were in for a surprise during the first few years of the ‘80s. The music, for example, was still dominated by a lot of names who made it big the previous decade.

Here’s the Top 10 Billboard chart for the week of Aug. 28, 1982. Look at some of those names: Steve Miller, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills & Nash? (You could also argue that Air Supply, Chicago and REO had their roots in the ‘70s.)

Sure, Survivor and John “We Still Called Him Cougar” were at the top, and the charts would finally begin to change in the next 24 months. But in 1982, it seems FM dials were still firmly stuck in the ‘70s. 

BILLBOARD HOT 100 - August 28, 1982:

1. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

2. Hurts So Good (John Cougar)

3. Abracadabra (The Steve Miller Band)

4. Hold Me (Fleetwood Mac)

5. Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Chicago)

6. Even The Nights Are Better (Air Supply)

7. Keep The Fire Burnin’ (REO Speedwagon)

8. Vacation (The Go-Go’s)

9. Wasted On The Way (Crosby, Stills & Nash)

10. Take It Away (Paul McCartney)

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Why wasn't this Matt Bianco song a true anthem for the '80s and beyond?

Making it though Hump Day starts with dragging your butt out of bed even though the urge is to keep hitting that snooze button. In the '80s, Matt Bianco had a plan to beat those morning blues with the incredible peppy Get Out Of Your Lazy Bad.

Actually Matt Bianco is not a solo artist, but a band name ala Danny Wilson or Jethro Tull. The lead singer of the U.K. based Matt Bianco is Mark Reilly but the surprise in the video is the female singer Basia Trzetrzelewska. If you don't recognize her, then perhaps you might place the jazzy voice from her solo material going by only her first name Basia. As a solo artist, Basia scored Top 40 hits with songs like Time and Tide, Cruising For A Bruising and also was featured on Lost and Found with the dreamy New Day For You.

Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed was Matt Bianco's first hit single and made it to No. 15 on the U.K. charts in 1984. The infectious song was sported by a video with a domino theme that includes a slow motion domino fall. …

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For this band, the U.S. charts were untouchable in the '80s

Trump. Russia. Hillary's e-mails. Comey. Today's headlines have put the FBI in the spotlight more than ever with salacious scandals. Back in the '80s, the FBI was still high profile, but even the songs about the FBI were more light-hearted like the Untouchables version of FBI (I Spy).

While not on the Top 10 Wanted List, the Untouchables have been spotted on Lost and Found once before with Free Yourself and today the LA ska band returns with another song from 1985 entitled FBI (I Spy). Instead of talking about crime, FBI (I Spy) is about using x-ray cameras to detect infidelity in a romance. Because ska was not very commercially viable in the U.S., the song only charted in the U.K. where it peaked at No. 59. You can add FBI (I Spy) to the long list of '80s cover songs as the original and dates back to 1966 when Luther Ingram first recorded the song. Some hardcore fans of John Hiatt might even remember his 1980 version of song too. …

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New podcast: 1st Wave DJ Richard Blade talks career, new book, 80s in the Sand

Few people in the world have had a front seat to the New Wave invasion of the late '70s and early '80s as Richard Blade. The British-born DJ saw his career take off while spinning hits from Depeche Mode and The Cure at Southern California's legendary FM station KROQ. These days, you hear him on Sirius XM's 1st Wave (Channel 33), where he takes his audience on daily time travels back to a better time in music.

Blade is also one of the celebrities hosting 80s in the Sand, a weeklong celebration of our favorite decade that will be held at Punta Cana's all-inclusive Breathless Resort this fall. Headliners include Loverboy, Berlin, Starship, Night Ranger, Howard Jones, Winger and so many more. There will also be appearances by actors Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Deborah Foreman, Curtis Armstrong and more. 

Needless to say, Richard Blade has been on my bucket list to interview since I first read about his exploits. This week, mission accomplished. Richard spent 40 minutes with me, talking about his career, his upcoming autobiography (World in My Eyes, due Nov. 2) and his expectations for 80s in the Sand. Hope you enjoy the show. 

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Depeche Mode still behind the wheel of '80s nostalgia

It's been well over a decade since the '80s nostalgic movement started and to most of our surprise, it's still going strong as the songs of the '80s still inspire the soundtracks of current films. This summer, it was no more evident than the movie Atomic Blonde, which features today's Lost and Found song - Behind The Wheel by Depeche Mode.

Released less than a month ago, Atomic Blonde staring Charlize Theron has been getting good reviews and was a moneymaker at the box office. Its soundtrack is a checklist of familiar songs in the '80s with classic like 99 Luftballons, Major Tom, I Ran, Der Kommissar and Blue Monday. However, there are some lesser known gems in the movie like Depeche Mode's Behind The Wheel. …

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Review: Midnight Oil exceeds Montreal fans’ expectations

AP photo

Our Canadian correspondent Peter Ryan always seems to catch a seat to the most amazing concerts starring our favorite acts from the '80s. Here's his review of this week's Midnight Oil show in Montreal. 

Place des Arts in Montreal is famous for classical music, but the atmosphere took on a different tone on Wednesday when Australian rock legends Midnight Oil put on a showstopper of a performance. By its own admission, the band has not been as active in recent years, what with lead singer Peter Garrett sitting as an Australian Labor Party MP (and serving as a high-ranking cabinet minister from 2004 to 2013). But, their performance in Montreal showed no evidence of rust.

The show began with a generic opening by Vancouver’s Matthew Good Band, of which the highlight was an on-stage tequila and bourbon tasting contest. After an hour, the restless crowd was ready for the main act, which did not fail to delivery '80s Down Under musical greatness.  …

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Ian McCulloch still has to be proud of this solo effort

When the driving force of Echo & the Bunnymen - Ian McCulloch - went solo, would his solo records be bigger and better or would it be a shadow of his earlier work? If pride comes before the fall, does the chart status of Proud To Fall a direct reflection about McCulloch?

While I think everyone in '80s Nation knows the most familiar of Echo & the Bunnymen songs such as Lips Like Sugar, The Cutter or Killing Moon, the English band never had a single hit the U.S. Top 100 singles chart. However, on the U.K. charts they landed 11 Top 40 hits during the '80s.

In 1989, lead singer Ian McCulloch went solo his first single was Proud To Fall. So what is the verdict on Proud To Fall? While McCulloch sounds more pop than alternative, the video for Proud To Fall is pretty low key as Ian drags his symbolic baggage across the desert before turning it into a pyre and breaking free.  …

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I give you a fish, you give me back my man

The B-52s are a band with such a distinct visual look that you could tell it was them with just a glimpse of a picture. But was it always beehives and bright clothes for the hipsters from Athens? You can find the different looks of the B-52s in their video for the irresistible Give Me Back My Man.

For an album that had no Top 40 hits, the B-52s' second effort, Wild Planet, was a success going gold and charting inside the Top 20 on the album charts with the help of songs like Private Idaho and Give Me Back My Man.

For the most part, both Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson of the B-52s sported either their bouffant or beehive hairdos since their early days so it may come as a surprise to watch the black and white 1980 video for Give Me Back My Man to see Kate Pierson with straight hair and a silk/sequin mini while Fred Schneider looks work casual in his dress. The video all about convinces you the B-52s are a normal band until you hear the opening chorus lyrics of "I give you fish..." which is more in line with the peculiar lyrics we're used to hearing for the B-52s.

The B-52s continue to defy age looking great and still tour regularly as well as promoting their solo projects.

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New podcast: Unlikely cover songs from the '80s

We're used to Hollywood remaking classic flicks from previous decades - especially our own - but did you know that many of the songs we hold dear from the '80s also are remakes? Stuck in the '80s has now done SIX episodes on "Covers in the '80s." This week's show highlights three more familiar tunes, including the best known hit by Bow Wow Wow. (Of course, when you hear the original, it's obviously a song from an earlier decade.)

Don't forget to check our iTunes account to make sure you're subscribed to the right feed of Stuck in the '80s. We deleted an old, duplicate account a couple weeks ago and it appears we may have cut off a few hundred subscribers in the process. New show every Sunday - that's all you need to know. Enjoy the podcast. 

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The 'Total Eclipse' song from the '80s you never knew you loved

Depending on when you read this, you are eagerly awaiting the eclipse or have seen all the commotion come and go for the first total solar eclipse across America since 1918. Without any doubts, sometime today you will probably have a chance to hear Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart, but here at Stuck in the '80s Lost and Found, we travel the less familiar road so today's eclipse song/video is from down under with The Expression and the aptly named Total Eclipse.

First, we must tip our hat to SIT80's Nation member Dr. Incognito, who always inspires the selections of Lost and Found and is the individual who clued me in on Total Eclipse by playing it on his incredible two-hour weekly radio program 80s Hades that can be streamed live on WDBX radio on Tuesday nights or listened to on the WDBX two-week show website archive. …

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My plan for the #solareclipse at 2:51 pm today

"Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what happens!"

Is there any better advice the '80s could give us today for the solar eclipse? Thank you, Raiders of the Lost Ark


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The only two people looking forward to solar eclipse more than us

Ah, yes. How could you have forgotten about Navarre and Isabeau (aka "Ladyhawke.") The star-crossed lovers from the 1985 film Ladyhawke can only defeat their evil curse (is there any other kind?) inflicted upon them by the Bishop of Aquila if they face him together "on a day without a night and a night without a day." Hello? Solar eclipse. 

The movie, starring Mathew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer was a moderate commercial and critic success and was actually nominated for two Academy Awards (sound editing and sound mixing, though it won neither.) It's gained a new level of cult status in recent years for its frequent mentions in the Ernest Cline book Ready Player One, which is headed to big screen in March. Steven Spielberg is directing.

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If you miss out on Retro Futura tour, you'll be needing a little 'Tenderness'

Closing out Retro Futura Week is a little bit of a cheat. We started the week with the English Beat and we end it with an offshoot of the Beat, the band General Public and their hit Tenderness.

No General Public is not a Retro Futura band, but its lead singer Dave Wakeling is with the English Beat and set lists indicate on the Retro Futura, the Beat is playing Tenderness. Following the breakup of the English Beat in 1983, Wakeling and Roger Ranking teamed up to form General Public. Joined by members of The Clash, Dexy's Midnight Runners and The Specials, General Public curiously never hit the Top 40 hit in their native England, but did hit the Top 40 in the U.S. with Tenderness from 1984.

Tenderness only made it to No. 27 in the U.S., but it has lived a good life appearing in '80s movies like Weird Science and Sixteen Candles and past ad campaigns for Target. However, its rebirth is more due to its placement in the 1994 movie Clueless as it closed out the movie and maybe planted the seeds of using '80s music in '90s movies - something that would manifest itself in 1998 with The Wedding Singer - which many consider the start of the '80s nostalgia movement. …

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Is that it? Hardly. Katrina of the Waves still walking on sunshine

Appearing on both Retro Futura and The '80s Cruise is Katrina Leskanich, who we know better as Katrina of Katrina & the Waves. When thinking about Katrina & the Waves hopefully you don't label Katrina & the Waves as a one-hit wonder. They had three Top 40 hits in the U.S. including Do You Want Crying, which we featured on Lost and Found in 2014. In 1986, the Waves had the daunting task of following up Walking On Sunshine and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist (they lost to Sade).

Is That It? was the first single off their 1986 album Waves, and the perception that it tanked is incorrect as the album went gold. However, Is That It? did not hit the Top 40 peaking at No. 70. The stop action video for Is That It? is still fun as the band hams it up and appears to enjoy each other - something that must have kept the band together until 1997 even after the hits stopped. …

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