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When you feel like eating an entire jar, this PEANUT BUTTER sweatshirt supports your cause

Yep. What we all need.

Photo via Rad

Yep. What we all need.

Maybe because it's Monday, or maybe because the constant barrage of the news is making me want to lock myself in my house, close all the curtains and eat an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon, I'm feeling the urge to purchase this PEANUT BUTTER sweatshirt from Rad. It is on sale for $31.90. You may also recognize said sweatshirt from the social media of one Kylie Jenner.

The clothing company, which specializes in pithy and ironic shirts and also pairing hip-hop and pop lyrics with classic artworks, is having a mega sale you may want to know about if you are also in the market for a PEANUT BUTTER sweatshirt. 

Some others, for your consideration:

Perfect for the upcoming holiday, $24.40.

Same, $12.90.

A toast to your haters, $15.90.

Must have item for 80s children, and really, all children, $27.90.

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