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The remains of the dead along the U.S.-Mexico border


  1. A Little Perspective: Interesting news and notes from around the world


    Forget baby showers. There's a proposal to give every newborn in the United States a "Baby Bond" account with somewhere between $500 to $50,000 in cash. Neither the kids nor their parents would be able to touch the money until the child turned 18. Then the young adult could spend the trust fund on attending college, …

  2. Five interesting facts


    2 hours

    is how long the power was out last week for the CES, the consumer electronics show, in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The biggest electronics show of the year couldn't do much without a key ingredient: electricity. The cause appeared to be condensation from heavy rainfall (in …

  3. Perspective: Two dying memoirists wrote best-sellers about their final days. Then their spouses fell in love.


    SAN MATEO, Calif. — The literary pairing was inevitable.

  4. Perspective: Why do we get so itchy when we can't use our smartphones?


    Americans spend a lot of time on their smartphones. But what can we learn about the connected state of mind by observing what happens when we can't use our devices?

  5. Perspective: Oprah, don't do it


    PARIS — I miss a lot of must-see TV on this side of the Atlantic. But by the time I'd dropped off my daughter at school Monday morning, it was impossible not to notice how many people in my social media feeds felt something politically significant had transpired during the Golden Globes awards ceremony on Sunday …

  6. Perspective: The systematic crushing of a #MeToo pioneer


    Eight decades ago, Patricia Douglas made nationwide headlines, upstaging even the wedding of the former king of England and the American double-divorcée Wallis Simpson. Then, just as suddenly, she vanished, hounded into exile by Hollywood's most omnipotent men.

  7. PolitiFact: How trustworthy are the polls, more than a year after the 2016 election?


    Over the past year, political professionals have been picking over the pre-election polling data to figure out whether the polls failed to predict Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton.

  8. Five interesting facts


    34 new cases

    of polio were reported worldwide last year, 18 of them in Pakistan.

    14,100 people

  9. Florida Insiders assess the #MeToo, post-Jack Latvala era in Tallahassee


    Infidelity. Snooping private investigators. Big money. Conflicting political ambitions. Sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement. Donald Trump. Paranoia. And the interests of 20 million Floridians.

  10. Will education issues stay on the Legislature's front burner?


    Every year, education policy tends to jump to the top of Florida's legislative priority list — even after lawmakers vow to take a break from it. The topic can get emotional.

  11. One more time to revive Florida Forever before it's Florida Never


    In years past, the Florida Legislature has grappled with such major environmental issues as saving the Everglades, halting damaging releases from Lake Okeechobee and managing the state's runaway growth.

  12. Solitary man: What Rick Scott's legacy as governor will look like



    Rick Scott rewrote the playbook of Florida politics, not once but twice, as a candidate and governor, in ways that will endure long after he leaves Tallahassee.

  13. Romano: Terms limits are for voters who don't trust themselves


    Happy 25th anniversary, Florida.

    Now, let's talk about a divorce.

    Seriously, this arrangement is no longer working. To be perfectly honest, it's never worked at all.

  14. Perspective: What of 2017 will matter when we look back from the future?


    When our grandchildren and their grandchildren look back on this year, what will have actually mattered? Will there be things that loomed large for us but just didn't amount to much in the end? Or will there be key moments that we missed simply because we couldn't weigh their long-term effect while experiencing them in …

  15. Start your New Year off with a Florida bucket list


    Last month, Florida singer Wayne Cochran died at age 78. He didn't get the outpouring of grief and glowing obituaries granted to two other singers with Florida roots, Tom Petty and Gregg Allman, who died this year. But anyone who ever saw Cochran perform — or even passed him on the street — will never forget …

  16. Seven Earth-size planets are identified in orbit around a dwarf star


    Editor's note: It's impossible to say that any particular scientific development was the most important in a given year. But if forced to choose some highlights, New York Times science writers would opt for some of these unforgettable events and findings.

  17. Perspective: Five facts



    of Americans say they do not have a preference about how they are greeted in stores during the holiday season, that "Happy Holidays" is fine as is "Merry Christmas," according to a Pew Research survey; 32 percent still prefer "Merry Christmas."

    About ¼

  18. Rich people experience happiness in a more self-centered way than poor people, study shows


    The writings, etched in dark ink on a small scroll, tell the sordid story of four debauched aristocrats who lock themselves away in a castle to play out their wildest sexual fantasies, which run the gamut from orgies and animals to torture. Even their author — the Marquis de Sade, the 18th-century French nobleman …

  19. Perspective: A picturesque calendar of ranches shows why the state needs to preserve wild Florida

    Perspective: A picturesque calendar of ranches shows why the state needs to preserve wild Florida


    These photographs may be the most important I've made in nearly 15 years focusing on Florida ranches. The reason is that all the properties featured are priorities for conservation that could be lost to development if the state of Florida doesn't take action to protect them. It was a great honor to visit these …

  20. Perspective: I was a truck driver, and I don't trust self-driving semis yet


    With a bright moon lighting the hilly interstate, rock music vibrated the big rig I drove from Cleveland to Charlotte that Sunday evening. No other vehicles were around as I rolled toward West Virginia on Interstate 77.

    Then an explosion shook the cab.