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Jill Kelley

  1. Ruth: In search of privacy, Jill Kelley should keep quiet


    So desperate is socialite wanna-be Jill Kelley to protect and defend her privacy that she's willing to invade it at a moment's press notice to let all the world know just how much she wants to be left alone.

  2. Jill Kelley says some of Gen. Allen's emails were 'flirtatious'


    TAMPA — Jill Kelley lamented about an invasion of her privacy by the media and FBI in an interview with the New Republic published Wednesday, but acknowledged some emails sent to her from one of the nation's top military commanders were "flirtatious."

    Jill Kelley complained about an upsetting  invasion of  privacy by the media and the FBI.
  3. Jill Kelley breaks silence in Petraeus scandal


    TAMPA — Jill Kelley, the woman who unwittingly triggered a scandal that led former CIA director David Petraeus to quit, ended a long silence Tuesday, excoriating the news media and Petraeus' former mistress for upending her family's life.

  4. Investigation clears Gen. John Allen in email scandal

    WASHINGTON — A Pentagon investigation has cleared Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, of professional misconduct in an exchange of emails with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley.

  5. Jill and Scott Kelley mount aggressive foreclosure defense


    TAMPA — Jill and Scott Kelley's foreclosure defense reads like a breezy history of the nation's housing woes more than a staid legal filing.

  6. Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce retools protocol job

    Economic Development

    TAMPA — For years, being the director of the international protocol office for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce largely meant orchestrating the formalities and decorum necessary to welcome visiting foreign VIPs.

  7. Jill Kelley lawyer says government is investigating leaks


    TAMPA — An attorney for socialite Jill Kelley said Friday that both the U.S. Department of Defense and the Justice Department are investigating allegations about government leaks in the case.

  8. Jill Kelley returns 'honorary consul' license plates


    TAMPA — Perhaps Jill Kelley's "honorary consul" license plates bring too many bad memories to be kept as mementos.

    Last month, this car driven by Jill Kelley had an “honorary consul” tag.
  9. Messages to Jill Kelley raise questions about energy exec's assertions


    TAMPA — Energy executive Adam Victor said he ended his business relationship with socialite Jill Kelley in September after she quoted an exorbitant $80 million fee for helping him broker an overseas business deal.

  10. Jill Kelley's attorney fights back against South Korea allegations


    TAMPA — With their lives disrupted by unrelenting media scrutiny, leaks by government agencies and tawdry gossip, socialite Jill Kelley and her husband are fighting back — through their attorney.