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Chelsea Tatham, Times Staff Writer

Chelsea Tatham

Chelsea is the chief editorial assistant in the Tampa office and staff writer for the Tampa regional sections. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, she earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications and media studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She came to the Times in 2014 as an editorial assistant in St. Petersburg before moving to Tampa. She writes news, human interest stories and contributes the The Feed blog.

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  1. 'Roseanne,' 'The Chi,' 'Electric Dreams' and other TV options to keep you warm this winter season

    The Feed

    Winter is a time for sweaters, hot drinks and adding new TV shows to our never-ending lists. Just kidding. We know it's Florida, and we won't be snowed in. But let us live. We have a lot of TV to watch.

    The beginning of 2017 brought us some of the year's best scripted television. Big Little Lies, Feud: Bette and Joan and The Handmaid's Tale all premiered before summer. Typically, networks put the most effort into the fall season, but with the arrival of more cable channels and constant streaming services, and the audience's lust for binge viewing, we now get new offerings almost every week. ...

  2. 5 new shows that we're going to pass on this season

    The Feed

    The options on TV runneth over these days, and fewer options would weed out time-wasters. These unoriginal shows coming to your tube this season have some work to do.

    Living Biblically (CBS, 9:30 p.m., Feb. 26): In the wake of his best friend's death, Chip Curry (Jay R. Ferguson), decides to take a year to live strictly according to biblical dogma. The show will need to find an encompassing tone to walk the line between the politics and cultural context of the Bible....

  3. If you miss Downton Abbey, these new period shows will get you through

    The Feed

    The Crown and Downton Abbey prove this niche drama has wide appeal. These three shows debuting in the coming months will sop up some of the hungry period drama fan base.

    The Alienist (TNT)

    10 p.m., Jan. 22

    Nineteenth century psychology, turn of the century fashion and a murder mystery all wrapped up in the seedy underbelly of New York City. It's 1896 and the city is being stalked by a brutal killer. Luke Evans plays John Moore, a New York Times reporter and illustrator who teams up with Dr. Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Bruhl) to figure how who is killing boy sex workers and why. Kreizler labels himself an alienist, which in the 19th century meant he practiced an early form of criminal psychology. The two are called upon to investigate the violence in secret by none other than police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt. They're joined by Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning) a whip-smart young secretary who's determined to become New York's first female detective. Based on Caleb Carr's 1994 bestseller....

  4. 6 new shows featuring actors we know and love

    The Feed

    When cherished shows end, it's sad to say goodbye, but there's hope the actors will get recast in something just as great. This season, some of our favorite faces (hi, Joan from Mad Men!) are back on our screens.

    Good Girls (NBC)

    10 p.m., Feb. 26

    When three suburban moms get tired of misfortune, they take matters into their own hands by robbing a local grocery store to get enough money to save their families. It's the dream team we had no idea we needed. Retta invented the "Treat Yo' self" mantra on Parks and Recreation and gave us cramp-inducing laughs. Christina Hendricks was terrifying and heartbreaking as Joan in Mad Men. And Mae Whitman moved us to blinding tears as she grew from salty teen to apologetic daughter on Parenthood. Now together, they rage. Good Girls is a heartwarming, hilarious, look at what happens when women get fed up....

  5. Roseanne, Queer Eye and more join TV reboots this winter

    The Feed

    What's old is still old again. TV execs are obsessed with bringing back beloved characters, and the new winter TV offerings are no exception. Welcome back these familiar faces this season.

    Roseanne (ABC)

    8 p.m., March 27

    Roseanne is back with her self-proclaimed white trash family, the Conners. Everyone is returning, including both Beckys (Alicia Goranson and Sarah Chalke). And the best TV dad ever, Dan Conner (John Goodman), returns from the dead — not really, the reboot forgets about that terrible finale. Back in 1988, the freshman sitcom was revered as an honest portrayal of Midwest life. So now riding the Trumpian wave, how will the show stay relevant? Who did the Conners vote for? Roseanne, a Green Party presidential candidate, will for sure bring the laughs to this political turmoil....

  6. 4 new sci-fi shows that aren't about superheroes

    The Feed

    Geek culture is everywhere these days, but we're over the summer's influx of superhero shows. For geek TV to grab a bigger audience, it needs to take some risks. Here are some shows that have us crossing our fingers.

    Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (Amazon)

    Midnight, Jan. 12

    On first look, this trippy sci-fi series is Blade Runner meets Black Mirror. But after four of the episodes sent to critics, it's clear these stories were written before the latter dark satire was even a thought. Philip K. Dick was a pioneer in science fiction and fantasy writing. He explored philosophical, social and political themes in his writing before it was cool. And with a collection of one-episode stories, Amazon brings some of these twisted, satirical tales to life — starring big names like Bryan Cranston, Anna Paquin and Steve Buscemi, to list a few. Electric Dreams makes us question what it means to be human....

  7. If 'This Is Us' makes you cry, these new winter shows will, too

    The Feed

    We expected more tear-jerkers since This Is Us continues its ratings domination; and escaping from the real world is great. Get the tissues ready to go for these new sobworthy shows coming out for the winter TV season.

    Here and Now (HBO)

    9 p.m., Feb. 11

    A show from Alan Ball won't be as family-friendly as This Is Us, but he's still going to give us feels. From the creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood comes Here and Now, a dark comedy and scripted commentary on the polarizing elements of American culture. Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star as the parents of a multi-ethnic family — three adopted children from Vietnam, Liberia and Colombia and one biological child. The series also promises to explore the family's relationship with a Muslim family, headed by a psychiatrist treating one of their children....

  8. From Versace to Waco, check out these new true crime shows

    The Feed

    The winter TV season is upon us, and our hunger for true crime dramatizations remains fierce. Last year's shows such as Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) and Mindhunter (Netflix) prove the genre is far from dead. Here are some newcomers we're looking forward to this season, bringing modern relevance to true stories.

    The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX)...

  9. Handmaids to X-Files: when all your favorite shows are coming back

    The Feed

    There's a plethroa of new TV options to catch our eye, but there's something about old loves that we keep coming back to. Here's when some fan favorites are returning for new seasons.

    The X-Files (Fox, 8 p.m., Jan. 3): One of the most anticipated revivals of 2017, returns for 10 more episodes. Haley Joel Osment will guest star in an episode.

    Nashville (CMT, 9 p.m., Jan. 4): After killing Saint Rayna (Connie Britton), the show was never the same. However, we need this final season to say farewell to our favorite country crooners....

  10. Love watching teen drama? Check out these 4 new shows

    The Feed

    The Bold Type (Freeform), a show about young adults in the magazine world, was one of the year's most unexpectedly good shows. Because, hey, teenagers have just as much drama. Here are some other shows about young people we're looking forward to catching this winter.

    Grown-ish (Freeform)

    8 p.m., Wednesdays

    Just like The Cosby Show did in 1987 with A Different World, Black-ish sends off its oldest kid to college, giving Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) her own spinoff show. On Black-ish, Zoey was an entitled millennial, glued to her phone, spewing sarcasm and side-eyes. The teenager navigates a new life free from parents at college, and quickly realizes, like all of us, how much she still has to learn. ...

  11. Watch these three new winter shows that bring diversity

    The Feed

    2017 was the year women owned your television. They were in front of and behind the camera, bringing new, award-winning stories like Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale. Now, it's time for a fresh fall season, and these shows have us excited for even more diversity. Let's keep that going, and add voices from the LGBTQ community and people of color....

  12. 19 great Christmas episodes of TV shows and where to watch them

    The Feed

    We welcome TV characters into our homes every week. They become like family, and who better to spend the holidays with than your actual family.

    Traditionally, television loves to celebrate the season with special episodes. They're usually not the best episodes of the series, but we look forward to sharing in the spirit. Our beloved TV families help us learn the true meaning of Christmas, or give us belly laughs that make us regret that last cookie. Sometimes both....

  13. "Star Wars" artist Doug Chiang talks about bringing the galaxy to life


    ST. PETERSBURG — When artist Doug Chiang approached the task of re-creating C-3PO for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, he looked at the droid as if he was taking apart a car.

    "I basically broke him down to his chassis to figure out the mechanics of him," Chiang said Wednesday at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. "I wanted to explore how Anakin built him, how he was really a homemade robot."...

  14. 7 local gift ideas for the geek in your life


    Remember the feeling of waking up Christmas morning and tearing through wrapped presents of new Lego sets, comic books, lightsabers and movies? Some of us still get that experience because we're geeks. • Nerds are some of the easiest people to shop for. We don't just casually like one thing. We obsess over dozens of movies, television shows, books and video games. • But if you're struggling to come up with a cool new gift for the geek who already has everything, here are some suggestions for things to find in Tampa Bay....

    Try gifting Tarot cards, including a Hobbit deck.
  15. Meet Amazon's bawdy, opinionated Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    The Feed

    Miriam "Midge" Maisel seems to have it all.

    It's 1958 New York City, Upper West Side, and she's a quick-witted Jewish housewife with two kids. She and her husband live in a plush apartment just a few floors below her meddling yet endearing parents.

    He's the head of a plastics company by day and an amateur comedian by night. Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) butters up the owner of a local open mic with homemade brisket to get Joel (Michael Zegen) a better time slot. She also records her husband's act in a bright red pocket notebook, noting how many laughs he got....

    Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.